Featured Image for Ampersand the Conery: tasty gourmet Ice Cream Cones

Ampersand the Conery: tasty gourmet Ice Cream Cones

The humble ice cream cone. Since making its debut at the St Louis World’s Fair in 1904, it hasn’t changed all that much. Ampersand the Conery are looking to change that. This fledgling food startup is, in their words, “re-imaging the cone.” The vision is to create a more dynamic, ice cream cone market. One where flavours on the cone serve to enhance the ice cream and vice versa.

Pistachio, vanilla bean with toasted coconut, and honey lavender are the debutvarieties on Ampersand’s hit list. Imagine a dark chocolate ice cream atop a pistachio cone? Or, a fig ice cream tucked into a honey lavender cone? (How have we not thought of this sooner?!)

Ampersand’s cones themselves will vary in shape too from petit-sized to waffle chips, designed for sharing and dipping into a heaping scoop of ice cream. And then there’s the “take-and-bake,” a package that allows you to buy flat cones, heat them up and roll them at home. With the sunny days of summertime drawing nearer, Amerpsand is gearing up for their official launch soon. Say goodbye to the waffle cone as you know it.