Featured Image for Walden Pond: The illustrated version is way better

Walden Pond: The illustrated version is way better

I take the commuter rail past Walden Pond every morning because I choose to commute deliberately (though commuting fills me with quiet desperation). So when I found out that one of my comic heroes had done some illustrated selections from Walden, I naturally had to read it on the train. I think John Porcellino was the perfect person to do this book, since he so often focuses on nature and the simple things in life. It fits perfectly into his catalog, and could be a great introduction to Thoreau for those unfamiliar or resistant.


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Erik P. Kraft is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. He draws the comics Chicken, You’re The Greatest! (which is not actually about chickens) and Cats In The Alley, and writes the blog/narrates the podcast Too Many Chickens! (which actually is about chickens).