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Street testing LG’s new Optimus G

Lost At E Minor were on hand in Sydney this week to examine and review the new LG ‘superphone’, the Optimus G. With a name that makes you wonder if you’re actually holding a tiny Transformer Autobot in your hand, the Optimus G is LG’s newly released response to Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Sony’s Xperia Z.

We were invited along to an exclusive top-secret mission located in LG’s bunker (read: Bar 100 in The Rocks, Sydney), where we had the chance to road test some of the phone’s amazing features, solving some clues and puzzles along the way.

Choosing to accept our mission, we headed over to the event and put on our Sherlock Holmes hats (metaphorically speaking, unfortunately there were no actual fancy hats…) and met the LG crew. Equipped with the Optimus G, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 were off on their secret mission: to check out what the phone has to offer, all the special features and what it can do for you that other phones can’t.

In this Lost At E Minor Tech special, we’ve compared the Optimus G to other phones on the market to bring you our initial thoughts.

For the techies out there, we were using a 4G LTE model, and the specs you need to know are: a stunning 4.7″ display, light 145g weight, 1.5GHz Quad-core processor, with a nice glass back and front. That’s the basics, the easily comparable parts.

The first thing we noticed was the size of the screen; it’s much bigger than previous generations of phones, but remains comfortable in hand with a super slim, lightweight body. The size quickly becomes ‘normal’ as you adjust – it’s only when you go back to an iPhone or similar generation ‘small’ phone that you find out how small the iPhone is – even the new 5.

The screen resolution is amazing – it uses IPS, a technology for LCD display, and we can vouch that it does provide more realistic and natural colors than Super-AMOLED, found in the Samsung.

We love the 13MP camera too, which is not only great for those day-to-day shots, but has some fun features like Time Catch Shot which allows you to take a series of photos and pick the best one, so you’ll never miss a high speed moment ever again. There’s also a fun little feature that triggers the camera to take a photo by a variety of spoken phrases, like ‘cheese’, ‘smile!’ and even ‘whisky!’.

Battery life is good – we were able to use for a full day on 4G under heavy use, which matters when on the hop.

In short, LG are back – this slick smartphone has real potential to sway dedicated Apple fans to switch over to Android. The downsides? We’ve seen the LG Optimus Pro G being reviewed and released at MWC 2013. It’s more of a ‘phablet’, and may be worth waiting for if you’re keen for serious screensize.

(Editor’s note: Image taken of the LG Optimus screen in comparison to the Galaxy Note II (L) and iPhone 4 (R) in the lead image is not truly indicative of how the phone’s screen appears in real life – the camera used attenuates the display to some degree)

The LG Optimus G
The LG Optimus G
The LG Optimus G
The LG Optimus G