Crinis 13: a short fashion film inspired by Man Ray and Luis Buñuel

Is it an eyegasm, a hairgasm, a hallucinatory headspin? Fashion short Crinis • 13 is a one of a kind piece that will create a wave of awe and surprise among people who love both photography and film. Woodwork teamed up with Dutch photographer duo FotoFloor and production company Caviar to make it happen. Woodwork cut, pasted, juggled, mixed, mirrored and conjured up images with a photographic eye.

The film is inspired by the films of Man Ray and Luis Buñuel and in particular by Fernand Léger’s ballet méchanique. We see a model with a face that appears to be from another world and infinite locks of pre-raphaelite-like, white blond hair (crinis is latin for hair). She moves graciously with an incredible effect. An enchanting kaleidoscope unfolds before your eyes, supported by a great track.