Survival Tactics: the first Australian Hip Hop feature film

Survival Tactics is the first Australian Hip Hop feature film. It’s directed by multi-talented Hip Hop artist Morganics and will be dropping soon. The freshest Bboys, Bgirls, free runners, DJs, MCs, spoken word, graffiti and street artists explode on screen. I helped out on set as production assistant and I was also an extra in one of the scenes. It was an exciting project to be a part of. The plot is simple: released early from jail, Aboriginal street musician, Jet (Wire MC), attempts to reunite with his girlfriend, emerging young Hip Hop dancer, Rosa (Demi Sorono). While he was in lockup, Jet’s best mate Fury (Morganics) has spiralled into homelessness and drug addiction, scoring from Jet’s rival, DJ Rich (Bboy Jay). Now their rivalry comes to a head when he discovers that Rosa has been rehearsing with DJ Rich to host his upcoming all star Hip Hop jam.