Featured Image for Shape Shifting rug designed by Michelle Weinberg

Shape Shifting rug designed by Michelle Weinberg

The Irregular Polygon rug is designed by Michelle Weinberg. It is hand-tufted of wool and silk, measures roughly 7′ x 7′, and is manufactured by Odabashian. The design of Irregular Polygon is inspired by Weinberg’s painting PreFab2, and it appears to shift shape when viewed from varied vantage points.

The rug, in turn, inspired an installation at Dorsch Gallery in Miami in May 2012, titled Splinters and Polygon Projections. Which subsequently inspired a collaboration with dance/theater artist Octavio Campos – you can see where this is going.

Rug fabricator Jaime Odabashian makes a cameo appearance in the short video, which also can be seen here. Irregular Polygon is one of several limited edition rugs that extend this painter’s vision beyond her studio and out into the world onto surfaces for interiors and architecture. Vivid backdrops for human activity.