Featured Image for Upfront: a celebration of t-shirt art in Newcastle

Upfront: a celebration of t-shirt art in Newcastle

Upfront is a celebration of t-shirt art for those that appreciate the difference between images that are meant to be worn and those that aren’t. Organised by Marcus Dixon, a young artist who is psyched on bringing quality events to his sleepy hometown of Newcastle, Australia, the exhibition features established and emerging artists from Australia and other far reaches of the globe, including the likes of French, Alex Lehours and Numskull.

The artists have been chosen to produce a print for the front of a t-shirt, with each to be printed in a limited edition of 15. The artworks will also be available to purchase as screen prints. A few independent labels, including Ruler Melbourne, Pass-Port and Malade, will also be on show for the event. The exhibition opens April 19 at Curve Gallery in Newcastle. One more thing: a limited edition 80 page magazine and poster will also be released on the night.