Renegade Bass Party in the farmlands of France

My trip to Paris brought me to some incredible realizations. One, Parisians are crazy. Two, they know how to throw illegal parties. This particular event was entitled Zen Guerrilla and it took place in some farmlands 45 minutes outside of Nantes. We arrived in the afternoon; the circus tent had been erected earlier that morning. It rained all day, and we hung out in caravans smoking rolled tobacco with hash. By 11pm, the fair grounds began to get busy and by the time my friends went on to play the tent was packed with at least 400-500 bodies.

By 5am, I was dying to leave this place, there simply was no limit to their madness. It was the metal grinding station and electric guitar hooked up in the bushes that really sent me into a swell of fear and depression. They had lots of beer, a fully functional wet bar, and a wrestling ring made out of hay, tires and old mattresses. Here’s some footage from the main performance, Stand High Patrol.