The Urban Grocer on IndieGoGo

Food media is everywhere. But as the chatter grows, the ability to discover truly remarkable food finds and keep your finger-on-the-pulse of what’s trending in food is lost. Enter The Urban Grocer. The Urban Grocer is for the kids building monuments with jelly in London and launching boundary-pushing collectives in Sydney. It is for the pop-ups on the NYC subway and the edible spray paint from Germany.

Over the past several years, The Urban Grocer has cultivated an incredible community that connects emerging food pioneers and mind-blowing culinary movements with in-the-know foodies. But their current site is an old, rudimentary blog that is outdated and inadequate so they have taken to the mean streets of crowd funding to build their new website, which will be a cutting-edge platform where you can uncover, save and share the world’s coolest food finds. The Urban Grocer’s crowd funding campaign ends in just a few days so check out their IndieGoGo page and join their food revolution today.