The Air Between Your Words: a new live A/V Show from electronic artist Martyn

More often than not, a “live” electronic show translates into a lifeless DJ playing Ableton off a laptop. It doesn’t seem like the best fit for music that’s so visceral and emotive. Martyn – an electronic musician based in the “sleepy DC suburbs” – found a way to visualize the music he’s created for his forthcoming album. He teamed up with two visual artists to conceptualize ‘The Air Between Your Words’, a live A/V show that emulates the ethereal melodies and intertwining layers of Martyn’s soundscapes.

With his longtime creative conspirator, illustrator/painter Jeroen Erosie(who created the artwork and live show for Martyn’s last album, ‘Ghost People’), and film director/visual artist Xavier Magot, the trio created an immersive, projection-based live show that contains elements of typography, free hand artwork and live action imagery. Taking the viewer/listener on a journey from birth to death, earth to space. Their video trailer gives a sneak peek of what’s to come, but be a bit careful if you watch it at work (it is Xavier Margot, after all).