Featured Image for LeVeL33: the world’s highest urban craft-brewery

LeVeL33: the world’s highest urban craft-brewery

The concept is intriguing. LeVeL33 is, after all, self-proclaimed as the “world’s highest urban craft-brewery.” The sweeping views of Singapore’s Marina Bay aren’t too shabby either. But it is the beer that we’re after. Here they freshly brew their own series of blond lager, pale ale, stout and porter.

All are housed in contemporary copper kettles that dominate the center of this penthouse restaurant-cum-craft-beer-bar. If you’re looking to pair your pint with something from the kitchen, LeVeL33 boasts a beer menu with dishes matched to their brews, like braised short ribs dusted with Moroccan spices.

Now, we’ve never been to LeVeL33 so we can’t comment on the food or the drinks, both of which have a somewhat tumultuous existence in the online review space. But with views as spectacular as this and a concept that intrigues – especially in Singapore – LeVeL33 is definitely on our to-do list (even if it doesn’t have wasabi martinis a la our favorite rooftop bar…).