Featured Image for Autumn/Winter 2013 collection by Alan Taylor

Autumn/Winter 2013 collection by Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor, that guy that ‘kinda fell into fashion’, is raising the bar with his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Designing for the stronger, arrogant (without being an asshole) personalities amongst us, his collection was based around this year’s muse, Toby Ziegel. The London based designer carried on with his play on classic menswear by revamping the old-man’s-pub-print and taking it to the fourth-dimension.

The theory behind fourth dimension is that we would theoretically see every single side of an object simultaneously. In other words, through his meshing of garments, jackets seem to naturally grow from the back of other jackets, trousers are layered with flattened shorts and jacket vents.

Taylor’s mathematically inclined mind makes more sense of this than I ever could; he does admit to gravitatating toward the opportunity of “f*cking with people’s minds” afterall. Whether you get Taylor’s 4D concept or not, we can all agree it’s worked a dream for his AW2013.