SPONSORED: RockCorps Sydney – 5 minutes with artist Judd Shoppee

AdvertisementWe sat down with Sydney artist Judd Shoppee – the man responsible for painting a mural in just four hours at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion for Optus RockCorps – to ask five sneaky questions. Loose, simple and fast, that’s his motto and it’s definitely how our chat felt.

LAEM: How did you get into painting murals?
J: I’ve always been drawing and painting since I can remember but I eventually started doing graffiti (back when all graffiti was sick artwork taking hours – days, not just “tagging”). I’ve always hated working small and when my girlfriend let me paint on her bedroom wall, I guess it was the first time I painted a mural. I just kept going from there.

LAEM: You seem to do lots of work focused on surfing. Is it a passion of yours?
J: 4shore (sic).
LAEM: Someone’s punny.
J: I grew up in Manly and I’ve surfed since I was a kid. It cures all ailments.

LAEM: You do everything from sketch to detailed photoshop work. Do you have a favourite medium?
J: It would definitely have to be paint; as big as possible! In fact I’ve always dreamed of painting a whole side of a high rise building. At the moment I’m into “slap the paint on” though. Loose, simple and fast.

LAEM: How did the opportunity arise to paint for Sydney RockCorps?
J: It was word of mouth I guess. I basically submitted a concept and was chosen. I was so stoked!

LAEM: What do you think the greatest bit about the RockCorps project is?
J: It’s a great way to give people the opportunity to have fun helping their community, in a cool way. They’ll also get to meet new people and attend a free epic gig. Right on!

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