Featured Image for The Hatton Hotel, Melbourne

The Hatton Hotel, Melbourne

Melbourne’s Hatton Hotel is one of the most comfortable, inviting and restorative places to stay in one of our favourite cities. It’s a boutique hotel done right – simple elegance and quiet luxury, set in ideal location, close to the city, but far enough away to still retain a sense of peacefulness.

The Hatton has 20 rooms, each with their own touches of modern necessity and antique luxury. The bedrooms are well-appointed and comfortable and the bath is big enough to enjoy a long soak in on a cool night.

The building, dating from the early 1900s, is from a time when grand buildings were done right, set with thick walls and an art-deco feel, and recently restored back to glory.

During our stay, the staff were relaxed and inviting, keen to share inside knowledge and happy to put their Melbourne preferences forward for your consideration.