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Sleeping couples in long exposure shots? Intriguing

Love moves in mysterious ways. Photographer Paul Schneggenburger’s Sleep of the Beloved photography series has him capturing couples as they sleep by setting up long exposure shots for the night with lit candles beside them. Beautiful concept, beautiful execution.

Geli_Inder/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Guschelbauer/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Maria Nostanik/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Edgar/Der Liebenden Schlaf
Max_Olga/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Zwillinge/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Milena_Paul/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Elisabeth_Thomas/Der Liebenden Schlaf
Annika_Eva/ Der Liebenden Schlaf
Lutz/ Der Liebenden Schlaf

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