Featured Image for Darkness: the new single from Du Tonic

Darkness: the new single from Du Tonic

Darkness is the first single from a new project I’ve started with Matt Van Schie from Australian band Van She. We met in Parisian club The Social Club in 2010 where we were both DJing. We hit it off and started sending tracks to each other, getting to know each other. Then Matt was working on this song, and I said ‘send me the parts’, so he did. I did some stuff on it, he loved it and I said, “let’s start a band”. Du Tonc was born.

It’s quite interesting being on different sides of the planet; Skype is our new best friend. It was exciting when I’d work on a section, send it to Matt and he would work on a section and send it back. It was a bit like Christmas waiting for a present to come in the post. It was very easy putting it together, I think, because we had time on our own to work out parts. No pressure. The only challenging bit was when I had to mix it. Would have been quite handy having Matt in the room with me, and would probably have been mixed quicker.