Featured Image for World’s Only Zine: a Sydney publication all about music

World’s Only Zine: a Sydney publication all about music

‘It’s totally self indulgent’, confesses Megan Clune – classical musician and World’s Only Zine Editor. ‘I studied the clarinet and since graduating I’ve really struggled to find good performers, venues and stuff to read’. Clune’s musical palate is a dirty little hybrid; growing up on a mix of classical, pop, indie and her dad’s insane jazz collection.

World’s Only Zine is a publication for like-minded people: those that have studied all the theory and see the links between the structured and the free, an accolade to the reserved and the wild. ‘In my mind all these genres aren’t so far apart, so I wanted to show people that in an easy format – it looks really beautiful’. Clune also curates musical tasting plates at Alaska Projects in Sydney, seeing the likes of Collarbones perform. Oh, the team at World’s Only Zine are also responsible for shamelessly forced (Photoshopped) celebrity endorsements of their publication. Check out the photos if you don’t know what I’m talking about.