How to collect your own Edible Weeds

Who knew finding and collecting your own food could be so entertaining? And dangerous. If you’ve been thinking about breaking free from the monotony of your local supermarket, and you’re sick of the fact that you actually have to pay for food, you should try snacking on the pesky weeds you find in your own yard. Apart from the fact that you’ll have a full belly, weeds can help with other things too; dandelion will make you pee, for example. I know, you’re thinking things like ‘But how do I know what weeds to eat?’ and ‘What the hell dose Milk Thistle look like!?’ Luckily enough, the good people at The Thousands have created a video that will help anyone eat their own weeds. Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. Eating weeds is stupid. Don’t be stupid.