Down In A Mirror: a second tribute to Jandek

You may or may not have heard about the ever elusive Jandek and the even more mysterious Corwood Industries. Since 1978, Jandek (an anonymous musician from Texas) has released more than 60 albums on his label, Corwood Industries. That’s assuming Corwood Industires actually is his label – which many do, considering the label only releases Jandek’s music. Typically, a Jandek album is far from an easy listen but it’s always a pleasure.
There’s the haunting I Passed by the Building Where you Live and I Wanted to Die, the picturesque It’s Low Tide and there’s Diamonds in the Ocean, and the inspiringly beautiful, Shining Clean a Fresh New Day Wakes up the World in a Fragrant Bouquet. While this may be your introduction to Jandek, many of the artists you know have been inspired by him at some point. Summersteps Records has released a tribute album (Down In A Mirror: A Second Tribute To Jandek) full of covers and songs that were inspired by the mysterious man. Featuring Jeff Tweedy, Lewis & Clarke, Wayside Drive, The Dirty Projectors and many others, the album gives new life to Jandek’s songs while upholding their hidden beauty. Fabulous!