Maui Jim: the best sunglasses in the world (says us)

I’ve been known to make outlandish statements when it comes to fashion, but this is no such occasion. Hawaiian brand Maui Jim make the best sunglasses in the world and I’ll tell you why. Created in Hawaii, Maui Jim have developed their shades with island life in mind. Their special patented polarized lenses have been designed to enhance the colours of the islands. I got the Maui Jim Pau Hana style in the Tokyo Tortoise frames (a seriously amazing leopard print) and boy did they pop. The water turned an even brighter shade of aqua, the palm tree leaves got greener and more crisp, and our tans looked faux deep. It seems that everyone on the islands is a fan of Maui Jim. The lifeguards wear them on duty, fishermen wear them on trawls and skippers wouldn’t think of leaving dry land without a pair. Convinced yet?