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Dog owners wear sweaters made from the fur of their dogs

These seemingly innocent portraits of people with their prized pooches aren’t all that they seem. If you take a closer look at the nice fur sweaters the owners are sporting, you’ll notice that they really resemble the dogs sitting loyally by their side. Catch my drift?

Yep, these owners have brushed and brushed and brushed their fluffy friends until enough fur has gathered to be spun into yarn and knitted. It’s nearly as big a fashion faux pas as outfit matching twins… On the other hand, the portraits form part of an ongoing project by photographer Erwan Fichou – a brilliant idea in my opinion. But seriously, why not just go fur free? Something about wearing your favourite four footed friend creeps me out.

UPDATE: Recently, we did a little interview with Erwan Fichou about his work. Here’s a little excerpt on how he managed to find all those dog owners with dog coats.

We’re curious: how did you find all of those dog owners wearing their dog’s coats. Did you just stumble upon a group of them or did you seek them out one by one?
I was wondering if it was possible to spin human hairs. I had no response, but I found out a woman who used to spin yard from dog hair! And it was definitely more interesting for me. So she helped me find some people in France and I also travelled to Belgium and Switzerland.

But you can mostly find people everywhere in western countries. If you want a nice outfit for the winter (dog wool is very hot), be aware you will need to collect enough hair from your dog for at least 6 years.


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