Featured Image for Bacon Flavoured Jello: a step too far?

Bacon Flavoured Jello: a step too far?

It all started with the bacon scarf; a realistic strand of seemingly edible product. This was followed by bacon shaving cream with an accompanying bacon lip balm for the ladies. Now the once bright world of bacon appreciation has turned into a dark and seedy world where the bacon obsessed will do almost anything to add a little touch of their favourite pork product to everything in sight.

Enter bacon flavoured Jello. Californian-based food artist Canida is behind the self-proclaimed piece of “concept art”, which looks and tastes like real home-cured bacon. Although it may be entertaining, it feels like a lot of effort to start with real bacon and end up with a disturbingly squishy slab of Jello that looks and tastes like bacon…
Yes, I know you still want to try it. Here’s the recipe.