Featured Image for Logitech’s UE 4000 Headphones: Economic, compact and durable

Logitech’s UE 4000 Headphones: Economic, compact and durable

Logitech’s UE 4000 Headphones are a cheap, compact and durable alternative to generic in-ear buds. When I compared the two, the UE 4000’s won out with a fuller sound and provided me with a far more comfortable experience; they are beautifully padded.

The on-ear headphones have a built in microphone and Bluetooth capability – which made them the ultimate companion for my smartphone. Devices can be controlled via buttons on the headphones, and there’s the backup wired option for when you want to be connected to your device. For me, the Bluetooth capabilities were exceptionally helpful as I could connect my phone and than walk away from it without having to worry.

The sound provided by the UE 4000’s was definitely better then my ear buds but the bass did feel a little muddy at times. The exceptional treble tones and the more comfortable fit of the 4000’s completely made up for the bass issue and they were the clear winners.

The headphones feel durable and robust which makes them travel handy, and a carry pouch protects them on the go. Fairly priced for a more premium experience, the UE 4000 Headphones are a great solution for active, on the go people who want to enjoy superior sound quality for music and conversations through a durable and compact device. The perfect alternative to ear buds? I think so…