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Interview with Sydney band Collarbones

Collarbones are Sydney’s Marcus Whale and Adelaide’s Travis Cook, a couple of friends that met over the internet and used to chat about music after school on MSN. What they didn’t know in those days was that their chats would lead to them being one of Australia’s most interesting and exciting electronic music duo’s.

We caught up with them backstage at Sydney’s OutsideIn Festival to talk long distance relationships, mission statements and big things.

LAEM: You guys met in a music forum while in high school. What’s it like working together in two different cities?
M: I had a great time in my after-school MSN sessions with Travis (laughs)…
T: It’s never been a problem. I’ve been on the internet my whole life so it doesn’t seem like a different thing to real life. They aren’t separate entities to me and I guess working that way is really great for the type of music that we make.

LAEM: Can you tell me about your first album Iconography?
M: We made it over about 6 months and it was just a bunch of really different tracks that we wanted to create a good flow through. I guess it was a way of showing the meaningless of committing to a genre and embracing everything as one stream of information in the digital world.
T: It was our mission statement to stick to my musical ADHD (laughs).
M: Wether it was effective is another question though. I listen back with fondness…

LAEM: How does Die Young differ, apart from the obviously poppier sound?
M: We thought about it for a bit longer, a bit over a year this time. It felt like we needed to progress in some way and make some more uniformed work.
T: It’s more focused. It has a theme running through it. We knew a bit more about the sound we wanted to have without just feeling our way around. It’s also influenced by the live show more because when we released Iconography we’d only played a few live shows before hand. I guess it’s more influenced by what we want to play live.

LAEM: Who are you most excited about playing alongside at OutsideIn?
M: I’m not sure… For me it’s probably Jesse Boykins III who’s part of a bunch of newish soul singers that are re-embracing soul tradition… Actually I don’t even believe that to be honest. It’s just listening to music like his I can’t help but feel a lot of tones of other people mashed into a great musical context. It’s really smooth. I’m keen to see how that translates live.
T: A lot of the smaller international ones. There’s also Flume who’s just released his album.
M: Yeah! They’ll try to fit like 1000 people in there I reckon. Pretty bad luck for whoever else is playing at the time… It’s probably FISHING (laughs).
T: I’m keen to see Holy Balm as well!

LAEM: So do you have anything big planned for your upcoming shows?
M: Everything’s big! Except for us…. we’re pretty small.
T: It’s just a party!