Featured Image for Winner of Sapporo’s Japan Snow Festival competition announced

Winner of Sapporo’s Japan Snow Festival competition announced

We’ve been tracking our favourites entrants to Sapporo’s Snow Festival in Japan competition, where entrants were asked to shoot a weekly theme, using Instagram, relating to the fine Japanese beer. Kris Lombardi’s winning image was announced today at midday, with the blazing festival snap winning over the judges.

Judge Gary Sheppard said it best when he wrote in his judging notes: “The word ‘photography’ means ‘writing with light’ and as the fire illuminates the crowd and the sparks fly across the black sky this shot writes a story of noisy excitement and celebration. You can almost hear the crowd screaming their approval as the flames burst and crackle into the night.”

Kris Lombardi is a 25 year old with a passion for all things related to art, music and design, who says: “I get a no greater thrill than really diving into the experiences of a new culture I have yet to explore whether through food, traditions, behaviours, film etc. as I believe it is essential to develop a real flavour for life by trying to see it through the beliefs and characteristics of others.”