SPONSORED: A real life Datacoach! Just in time for Christmas

Ever hit a wall at full speed while trying to keep up with your shared data plan? You need a life coach, a data life coach, a DATACOACH!

Lucky for you we’ve got a real life datacoach primed and ready to go in all his 8-bit-y goodness – and just in time for the holidays. Leave it to this retro active personal trainer to teach you old-school tips on how to stay within your data limits. Or maybe you should just join the future and get out of that old shared data plan. Sprint now offers truly unlimited data plans, no shared data needed. This holiday season, say NEJ to data! But while you’re at it, at least indulge poor datacoach by watching his video. Even if you don’t need his help anymore, he’ll at least amuse you. [This post is sponsored by Sprint]