Featured Image for Logitech’s UE Boombox: Hours of fun in the office

Logitech’s UE Boombox: Hours of fun in the office

Being a creative business and having music playing all day, we’ve decided that an extremely favourable addition to our Newcastle office is Logitech’s new UE Boombox. [We’re giving one away, enter now!]

The compact yet powerful device is absolutely perfect for our space; allowing up to eight different Bluetooth devices to connect to it, with three connected at the same time. That means that we all share music from our smartphones and tablets, making for some fun rounds of playing DJ… That is until someone decides to put on Celine Dion, in which case they get the next coffee run!

The Boombox has six hours of battery life, and the sound it emits is clear, rich and balanced. In fact, the sound is more than that. It’s amazing; deep and strong bass, rich and precise midtones and clear and ethereal highs. This thing just gets the sound right on everything from soft and subtle acoustic tunes to full on rave tracks.

One final thing to note is the unboxing experience, which is on par with the creator of the ‘unboxing experience’, Apple. The product is refined, elegant and well designed. And this flows from the product right through to the packaging.

Logitech's UE Boombox

Logitech's UE Boombox

Logitech's UE Boombox

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