Featured Image for Hotline Miami: puzzle game and shooter

Hotline Miami: puzzle game and shooter

Ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence? Equal parts puzzle game and lightning fast twitch shooter, Hotline Miami is stylish, hallucinatory nightmare of a 1980’s crime paradise. At the behest of possibly imagined voices on an answering machine, our masked antihero goes on a Taxi Driver-style killing spree through drug dens and nightclubs.

The trick to wildly barging in with a gun is figuring how you’ll be shooting first, as you only take one hit. The game mimics the aesthetics and some gameplay conventions of the era, but the whole screen swims and glows neon like you’re standing at an arcade cabinet faded. A stellar soundtrack is what really makes the atmosphere though, and it’s generously made available for free. Have a listen and (if you can stomach it) slash some throats and split some heads.