Brain, mind, and thought controlled computing interfaces

These guys win the ‘awesomest company in Canada’ award. Hands down. They make thought-controlled computer interfaces. An early project was featured at the Vancouver Winter Games and allowed participants to control washes of colour projected in real time on major Canadian landmarks (Niagara Falls and that sort of thing). With their minds. They were founded by a group that includes visionary wearable computing technologist (and cyborg) Dr. Steve Mann, which should give you an idea how this technology may develop.

They just started an Indiegogo campaign for a brainwave enabled headband product, which also happens to be beautifully designed. They’re releasing it with some early apps for mental training, as well as an SDK that will allow people to build their own. I’m very excited to see the inventive hacks that people come up with when they get their hands on these things.