Featured Image for Wood-fired pizzas from the Del Poplo food truck

Wood-fired pizzas from the Del Poplo food truck

Food trucks, despite being innately transient, are clearly here to stay. Some boast unique concepts with good food at digestible prices. Others, are overrated. And some are pushing the boundaries of creativity in the kitchen all from a moving vehicle.

Del Popolo in San Francisco is the most recent roving eatery to catch our eye. In fact, standing out is easy when you’re Del Popolo. This mobile pizzeria is housed in a twenty-foot, repurposed transatlantic shipping container with a wall of glass doors exposing its interior kitchen. What’s coming out of said shipping container are rustic, Neapolitan-inspired wood fire pizzas made with ingredients from small, generational producers. Their basic menu is rooted in three varieties: Margherita, Bianca (fresh mozzarella, grana padano, ricotta, garlic and basil), and spicy salami with kale, chilies, and mozzarella. Daily, enticing specials make appearances, like pancetta with braised escarole, pancetta and squash, or wild boar. (Hello, autumn.) Del Popolo dishes out lunch throughout San Francisco so hop on their website or their Twitter feed to track them down. And then shove some wild boar pizza served out of a shipping container in your face.