Featured Image for Photography of South East Asia by Ehrin Macksey

Photography of South East Asia by Ehrin Macksey

Dutch mother, American father. Netherlands birthplace, USA upbringing. Ehrin Macksey is another individual proving that globalisation creates incredible beings with an artful eye for human observation and supreme creativity. Beyond his parents and their geography, Ehrin says his eyes were opened by an accidental trip to the Middle East during the First Gulf War as a teenager. An excursion we presume very few people can boast.

The outcome of his open eyes has been something else, more powerful than your average photos, more meaningful than your average words. Having now spent time based in South East Asia, Ehrin clearly feels a strong connection to the region, evidenced in every shot he takes. But Ehrin doesn’t just run around picking perfect angles and scouting perfect lighting. His photo collections are usually accompanied by a detailed story explaining the subject’s past present and future. It’s not a guessing game where assumptions are made about a person’s psychological wellbeing based purely on their physical surroundings; he clearly gets to know the person on the other side of the lens.