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Read Moby Dick a chapter at a time over four months

The folks over at the Moby Dick Big Read describe Herman Melville’s novel as ‘Sprawling, magnificent, deliriously digressive…the great unread American novel’. After my best friend tried for years to get me to read Moby Dick, I finally moved the American bible of whaling off of my bucket list and onto my bedside table after he spontaneously tattooed a sperm whale on his forearm as an homage to the behemoth in his favorite book. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. Moby Dick is manly, cosmopolitan, and above all, nerdy in the best way possible.

Nevertheless, tackling this epic saga can prove an inaccessibly daunting task for the average roman de gare reader. Fortunately, the likes of Tilda Swinton, Simon Callow, Stephen Fry and countless other talented entertainers have teamed up to release each chapter of Moby Dick in 135 downloadable audio tracks over the course of four months. Let them inspire you to dive into one of the best books ever written.