Featured Image for The OutsideIn Festival in Sydney

The OutsideIn Festival in Sydney

OutsideIn, a boutique electronic music festival, was held at Sydney’s Factory Theatre last week. The inaugural event featured the likes of Oliver Tank, HTRK, FISHING, Flume and Jesse Boykins III in what was a day of smoke, lasers and a lot of bass.

As I walked through the gates into the courtyard, the bass was already pumping. I was running a little behind time and so hot tailed it straight to the Factory Floor to check out Polographia, a duo that describe themselves as ‘misery in a major key’. The atmosphere was amazing as the “rave cave” reached capacity and a smoky haze filled the room.

After doing some interviews, I headed back to the Factory Floor to check out one of my favourite Sydney duo’s, FISHING. Their set was filled with their quirky blend of electronic sounds and chopped up beats and punters were loving it!

I decided to check out a DJ set from Triple J’s lunch presenter, Lewi McKirdy, so I could work my way into a prime position for Melbourne’s HTRK. McKirdy brought a bright electronic set together to the delight of one rather excitable fan and seemed to be having a very good time on stage himself.

Finally, it was time for HTRK’s set, after some sound difficulties. Nigel Yang’s droning beats and stuttering guitars melded beautifully with Jonnine Standish’s haunting vocals and drum banging, as the lights plunged patterns and darkness around the room. The visuals were chilling.

If my mind wasn’t already completely blown, I was about to lose it. Oliver Tank played a charming set on the main stage; filled with his relaxed vocals and beautiful melodies. It was great to see the crowd really getting into his sound.

The set that everyone was talking about was next up: Flume. The Sydney DJ/producer packed out the main room as he brought his whirlwind sound to life. Having released his album the day before, the crowd danced along to his big party vibe as inflatable beach balls were passed around.

Soon enough it was time for Chicago vocalist Jesse Boykins III to take to the stage. His smooth R&B and soul sounds had all the girls in a state of awe. Being joined on stage by producer Melo-X, the duo continued to keep the crowd jumping.

The last act of the day that I caught was American musician Shigeto. The half Japanese wonder effortlessly blended his unique jazz sounds with his blindingly good drumming. Radiohead even turned up side of stage to check him out. Talk about attracting a good fan base!