Featured Image for Newcastle Craft Beer Week

Newcastle Craft Beer Week

Newcastle Craft Beer weeks kicks off this Sunday, 18th of November, and in only its second year, has already grown to cover 18 establishments with more than 40 events. Corey Crooks, operator of the craft beer-only Albion Hotel in Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney, came up with the idea over – you guessed it – a couple of beers one afternoon with a like-minded publican.

With a quest to broaden beer drinkers’ horizons beyond the bland, flavourless, fizzy-macrobrews on taps everywhere, Newcastle Craft Beer week. While just a small idea, within two days Crooks and fellow Novocastrian alehouses had organised 18 events with more than 2,500 in attendance.

It’s a move that may help Australia catch up to the USA’s huge range of choice and variety at good local bars and pubs, with the change from only mainstream brews occurring in the 90s. Australia is some 10-15 years behind, at least.

2012’s Craft Beer Week will see collaboration mircobrews tapped for a limited time, a range of craft beer tastings, degustation dinners, extreme-beers, and more.