Move On: the first interactive road movie

Move On is a currently released road movie starring Danish superstar and former 007 villian, Mads Mikkelsen. Shot and put together by director Asgar Leth, the project is quite unique as it was inspired and filmed in collaboration with movie fans from all over Europe.

People from more than eight countries were invited to apply for little film roles online or contribute to the project by sending in their music and photo ideas. The result is an entertaining, yet still very professional looking flick about a spy who has seen better days (Mikkelsen) and accepts one last mission: the delivery of an ominous suitacse. ‘Life is for sharing’ was the claim for the project and consequently people can now watch it for free on YouTube or via the Move-On website. What a cool idea to bring film fans across nations together and give them the opportunity to make a dream come true!