Featured Image for Angus Stone’s Broken Brights Australian tour

Angus Stone’s Broken Brights Australian tour

Angus Stone strolled onto the stage in Newcastle, NSW, on the second stop of his Broken Brights Australian Tour. He reached the pocket of the stage, lights deliberately cast from his face, and he let his guitar and melodic voice step forth. And that was the way for the night. No talk, or banter. But Stone and his band, all hipster beards ablaze, were magical, melodic and, as their music turned increasingly psychedelic in the second half, they became captivating.

Stone is a musician whose day has come. He’s stepped out from the path he was taking with his sister, in their duo Angus & Julia Stone. There was no Lady of the Sunshine on this night. The self-produced Broken Brights album went gold in Australia within two months and scored Stone two ARIA nominations. His music is now refined, challenging, complete.

Angus Stone’s style has been described as many things: country folk, cowboy blues, indie-pop, psychedelic rock. On this night, his second of his tour, it’s clear where the direction is heading: psychedelic folk.

Stone eschewed his more popular tracks for this gig. His chart friendly single Wooden Chair wasn’t even played, to the disappointment of some – particularly me. But what was played was a collection of his heartfelt, and beautifully constructed songs which will sit with listeners for some time to come. This is a tour to see, an album to own.

Angus Stone's Broken Brights Australian Tour

[Image via theherald.com.au]