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Exquisite handmade artisanal bonsai figurines

Heir to a tradition of Penjing and trained as an aquaculture engineer, French-Vietnamese artist Giang L.S. Nguyen has been specializing in training Bonsai techniques from seedlings, cuttings, layering to grafting for more than 22 years in France.

Currently, Giang is focusing on his main activity of creating unglazed figures or mudmen bonsai figures, another art associated to Bonsai-penjing for over 1400 years. The figures are made in stoneware clay and baked between 1000 and 1250 °C. Each piece is unique and bears the seal of the author. Giang’s artisanal bonsai figurines, sculptures and pottery are exclusively sold on his new online shop, Lotus Bonsai Studio.