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Modern fairytales for twenty-somethings

We all like to imagine we’re the hero of our own legend, right? This fun tumblr updates the old classics – some in as short as a single sentence – with details that make them relevant for today. A taste: ‘The ugly duckling read obscure works of literature in other languages and listened to indie music even the guys in the record store had never heard of. If I’m not going to be prettier than anyone, she thought, I’m at least going to be better than them’.

‘The tortoise and the hare met for coffee. They each casually mentioned their recent successes, secretly hoping to appear better than the other. As they walked their separate ways home it hit them at the same time: There never was a race. There is no destination. There is no winner’.

‘Thumbelina never got much bigger but she did get her own reality TV show, so that’s cool’.

A big bonus: gorgeous illustrations from old editions of children’s tales.