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Things That Are Surprisingly Large: Human-sized bats

I’ve always thought the palm-sized bats I see from time to time swooping around skyscrapers were cute little creatures, so I couldn’t fathom why my friend from Australia told me he was scared of bats. Turned out he was talking about giant bats — and yes, giant bats exist. The biggest of them all is apparently the Large Flying Fox (why it’s not simply called Largest is beyond us), which makes Southeast Asia its home. This one’s a fruit-eating megabat with a wingspan of up to 1.8 metres. Compare this to the height of the average male human (1.72m). There are two things to be gleaned from this: 1. The animal kingdom is awesome 2. we’d like to have one as a pet, thanks. Kinda reminds us of the Countryman, the first MINI with four doors and optional four wheel drive. Yessir, all the fun of a Hatch in a Fun Utility Vehicle. That would be an FUV to me and you. Check out this video about it below.