Featured Image for Sail The Seven Seas: ethical womenswear

Sail The Seven Seas: ethical womenswear

Sail The Seven Seas is a new ‘conscious’ womenswear label which transforms distressed Israeli combat uniforms and vintage fabrics into beautiful urban casual garments for the modern-day independent, environmentally and politically aware woman. The label has just presented its debut Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which comprises of nine one-off pieces, each one unique and exceptionally crafted on an artisanal scale by the designer and experienced seamstress Josette Temim in Tel Aviv.

Why Tel Aviv? Love stories with the city and its inhabitants, which impacted strongly on the designer and spurred her to search for inspiration in this city. A five-month research and development period led to a strengthened desire to contribute to the exciting development of designer-led ethical fashion and crystallize impressions of Israel gained.