Featured Image for SeatID: avoid the screaming baby on your next flight

SeatID: avoid the screaming baby on your next flight

SeatID is an Israeli company set to make your flying experience more tolerable. Gone are the days of being stuck on a flight next to those irksome plebeians who fall asleep on your shoulder, chat incessantly on topics better suited to Doctor Phil, and try in vain to calm their bloodcurdling babies. According to SeatID, flyers are social savvy individuals; of the 5.2 billion passengers that fly every year, 1 billion have Facebook, 500 million are Tweeters and 190 million are on LinkedIn.

Flyers will soon be given the option to opt in for social seating allowing airlines to allocate their pose on the plane based on social compatibilities and the demographic of friends in their social media universe. Are they attempting to play cupid? Encouraging discrimination? Quite possibly. It’s certainly a bold move and it’s not short of ramifications, but who could possibly say no to avoiding that screaming baby.