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Cantina at a Fixed Address, Sydney

While it seems the rest of the world has long-embraced the food truck concept, Sydney is a little slow on the uptake. But at last, it’s happening and just in time for the warmer months. One of the very first off the rank, Cantina Mobil, is a cool little truck that has been roving around Sydney’s northern beaches serving up simple yet delicious Mexican-inspired fare. Founded by Rode Vella and Stephanie Raco, they boast a pretty authentic menu of slow-cooked meats and desserts like mango pudding that’s great after a day on the sand.

And while you can still catch the original touring around Sydney, the team behind the truck has officially opened a fixed-address version too, permanently stopped in Darlinghurst. From the outside, it literally looks like a food truck has made its way into the shop – parked up, ready for business. (And no, it’s not the broken down original up on blocks….) The menu here, at Fixed Address, is identical to the more portable version, with a minor alteration or two. The shredded beef and chicken is delightful and the options of burritos, tortillas, and fillings from chipotle beef to achiote chicken more than satisfy. In a tongue-and-cheek sort of way, the fit-out has a minimalist and temporary vibe, making you feel like you were sitting outside. Hand-drawn illustrations on the walls are paired with a communal table dotted with cacti and old petrol cans act as stools. While this isn’t exactly destination dining (your meal arrives in a disposable cardboard container with all the haste of street food), it’s fun, tasty and easy – and even better after a late night out. It’s also a somewhat ironic way of helping promote the food truck concept which, hopefully, is in Sydney to stay.

Cantina at a Fixed Address
Shop 5 & 6, 113-115 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney