Englischer Garten: nudists, bongos and an artificial wave

Englischer Garten, or what us tourists might call English Garden, is one of the largest urban parks in the world, sprawling over 3.7km of central Munich. Despite the name, there’s nothing particularly English about this place, except for the surfers attempting to surf an artificial wave being pumped across the mouth of an artificial water stream.

That seems a touch ‘attempting-to-do-beach-culture’ English. Aside from offering surfers a wave in a city hours from the nearest ocean, the garden boasts a Japanese teahouse, numerous beer gardens, 50 plus species of birds, over 100 bridges and a little pocket of space dedicated to nudists. If Adam and Eve needed a 21st Century garden, this would probably be it. Whether you want to get your zen on, enjoy a picnic, or get boozed and play bongos, you’re sure to find the perfect spot and have a dandy time. Just like these guys.