Featured Image for Wearable Pop-Art Dresses by The Rodink Band

Wearable Pop-Art Dresses by The Rodink Band

The Rodnik Band is not a traditional fashion label but rather an ironic pop band. Philip Colbert, the British designer behind The Rodnik Band, has created a unique fashion concept, combining aspects of his self composed music, fashion and his love of the Pop Art Movement. His latest collection, Venus in Sequins, salutes artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann by creating a series of limited edition wearable forms of their most famous works.

Colbert designs each print by hand using lino printing techniques. His mix of bright colours and surreal style walks a humorous line between fashion and art. Since starting in 2008, Colbert has picked up a lot of supporters such as Karl Lagerfeld and earned the sobriquet “Godson of Andy Warhol” – this from Andre Leon Tally. Only a handful of fashionable risk-takers could really pull these handmade pieces off but with only six of each style released, it wouldn’t be a bad addition to any art collection.