Featured Image for The Anti-Facebook Mask

The Anti-Facebook Mask

It’s no secret that Facebook (and the U.S government and whoever else) uses facial recognition technology. In a stand to fight against the Eye of Sauron and raise awareness to the downfall of social media tools, German artist Martin Backes designs these limited edition masks and sells them on his website.

Backes says: ‘The definition of the term anonymity will change as surveillance increases more and more’. So these masks, made of an elastic material with a pixelated portrait of the German Secretary, Hans-Peter Friedrich’s face printed on them, have been designed to confuse the system. It’s apt that a German artist is confronting this issue as Germany has paved the way to rejecting facial recognition technology. These masks are probably more value as a political statement than a long-term privacy solution, but with Halloween coming up, they’re a must-have addition to any costume.