Featured Image for Cakeland Sculptures by Scott Hove

Cakeland Sculptures by Scott Hove

Self-taught Oakland based artist, Scott Hove, mixes his life-long interest in artificial food with his obsessions with the beautiful and brutal to create fantasy-like sculptural installations he calls, Cakeland. As he puts it: ‘All beautiful things are equipped with a defense mechanism’. Hove uses ‘fake cake’ as a medium.

It represents indulgence and celebration but also propels Hove’s idea that: ‘We are willing to tolerate the idea of something artificial to represent what we desire’. The sculptures are actually constructed out of a carvable polyurethane sculpting foam, shaped with Japanese woodcarving knives and rasps. They are then frosted and decorated with a variety of thickened acrylic gels, using traditional cake decorator tools and pastry bags. An assortment of mirrors, switchblades, taxidermy jaws and pills add the finishing touch of terrifying elegance.