Featured Image for Black and white art by Mayuko Yamamura

Black and white art by Mayuko Yamamura

The beautiful and delicate works by Mayuko Yamamura are so intricate you can see them over and over again and still miss some of the amazing detail. Bodies meshed into organic shapes, flowers blooming from the ether, a ribcage that appears to blossom from the petal of a flower gently carried by what appears to be a ligament of some sort … or are those two tree-like people in an eternal caress?

Her carved works are mysterious and speak much to the passage of time, growth and life. A short text on her webpage states (roughly translated from Japanese) about the growth and development of her imagination (which she likens to the growth of a plant) and talks more on how time is measured by the flourishing of the plants. The silent movement of time. You’re sure to be romanced by her beautiful works.