Custom imitation mechanised warrior by Suidobashi

As a kid, I had this friend who’d strut the playground pretending he was kitted out in a giant suit of powered robot armour. Inspired by the MechWarrior series and to a lesser extent by Total Annihilation, he’d pretend his hands were mini-guns and make these really convincing gear noises through his mouth in tandem with his movements.

It is hard to convey how infectious this routine was: within weeks of meeting him, every self-respecting geek child on campus spent all lunch time hurtling around invisible missiles and visualizing imaginary HUDs. Kuratas realises this dream. Suidobashi’s custom imitation mechanised warrior can be yours for about one and a half million dollars. Although it isn’t bipedal (and face it, actual IRL bipedal mech warriors are the Higgs Boson of fanboy dream material). Kuratas is pretty wicked. The video ought to do most of the talking; just ignore the bizarre pop music and love the robot for what it is.