The Aeroflex Hover Bike

It just seems crazy that we can send a mission to Mars yet across the entire dial our cars are still planting rubber on bitumen. Surely we can find a way to remove all that friction from transport and in the process bring flight that one step closer to the everyday man. The Aerofex hover bike does just this. Looking like its flown straight out of Return of the Jedi, the Aerofex flies at altitudes up to about 5 metres, can carry up to 360 kg of load, and it lets you, well, fly! The only rub? They’re slow. Very slow. So slow in fact that they are initially earmarked for the US military as cargo movers rather than for our local zebra-crossing. But here’s hoping in a decade or so we’ll all the riding Aerofexs, and in the process, perhaps save some of those cute animals that morph into roadside kill when they collide with our ground-based cars.