Featured Image for New illustration by Martin E. Wills

New illustration by Martin E. Wills

Gargantuan quiffs, martian invaders and armour of vivid polyhedra: Martin E Wills paints the apocalypse David Bowie foresaw in Diamond Dogs. Working primarily in acrylic, his art depicts the Wellsian science fiction archetypes of war, mutation, and apocalypse, but with a charisma of style that renders them oddly familiar.

Eschewing the preoccupation with emulated realism that dominates speculative fiction, Wills’ lighthearted but surreal aesthetic brings humanity to the unravelling cubes, lines, and contours of his paintings. Based in Perth, WA, Wills’ art work is informed by fellow Perth illustrator The Yok, Spaniard Aryz, and the Viennese Nychos.